Learn how to trade uncertain patterns!

The market remains in stage of uncertainty about 75-80% of the time.

And at this particular stage, traders often lose their money. Meanwhile, some of uncertain patterns are signaling the accumulation of positions by large market players followed by powerful price impulse.

These patterns include converging formations - triangles, flags, wedges, etc. Scrutinize of these exact patterns is used by BREAKOUT trading system.

This strategy will show you how to trade triangles and other convergence patterns. In just 15 minutes you will learn when exactly you need to enter the deal, where to put a stop loss and take profit, when to exit the market at market price.


BREAKOUT is a completely self-sufficient and very simple trading system that even the most unprepared trader can easily master.

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This system showed stable deposit increase during 2020 crisis with profitable to unprofitable transactions ratio of 8 to 2.

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Learn the course and get guaranteed invitation for BREAKOUT system masterclass!


Many traders would pay a lot of money to learn how to trade these patterns profitably, because triangles breakouts usually bring quick and fat profits. You can learn how to trade uncertain patterns with completely free course “BREAKOUT Trading System”.

Contents of video course:

Part 1 - The structure of operational uncertain patterns.

Part 2 - Conditions to enter and exit the trade.

Part 3 - Risk management, where and how to set a stop loss.

Part 4 - Analyzing the system using detailed examples.

Benefits of the system:

  • Suitable for any market (FX, Stocks, Indexes, etc.).

  • You can trade on a timeframe from M5 to D1.

  • Clearly indicated entry and exit conditions.

  • Pending orders trading.

  • The system is resistant to market conditions fluctuations.

  • You can trade Russian stock market.

  • Suitable for absolutely any terminal.

  • Adapted to trade a balanced portfolio in 2020 market crisis conditions.


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